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Color Factory is making headlines.
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The New York Times

Color Factory is an interactive exhibit with Instagram-worthy installations that have an oomph of color and were created in collaboration with a talented lineup of artists. A good time is guaranteed, no matter how old or young visitors are.

Fast Company

Some designers are working to take what we know about Instagram spaces and use them to lift up designers and creative communities–offering a more nuanced depiction of how the app is changing the way we experience space. One such bright spot includes the Color Factory, which centers around the phenomena of color and creativity, and has managed to cut through the noise with serious art and design credibility.

Vanity Fair

Color Factory, goes in hard on place, with paint palettes developed from the city they’re used in, local vendors, and collaborative projects with local museums and artists. But its most salient innovation is probably the cameras embedded in every room.


For (Camille) Walala, a French artist who lives in London, the idea of making an interactive installation for the Color Factory was instantly appealing…

“What I would love to do is bring back your inner child. When you go to the Color Factory, that’s exactly what you get—the excitement of being a child again,” Walala said. “A lot of people are quite intimidated going to art spaces. I want people who come not to feel the pressure of expressing what the art means to them. It’s more about emotion."


Color Factory provides an ideal opportunity for splashy Instagram posts—but it also offers more than just social media fodder. The ticketed experience, which launched in San Francisco in 2017, celebrates color through interactive site-specific installations created by local artists.

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